Managed Hosting Services Vs Unmanaged Hosting Services: How does it impact your Enterprise?

Managed Vs Unmanaged Hosting Services

With various companies offering web hosting services, it is difficult to choose the right web hosting provider for your enterprise keeping security issues in mind. As hosting is the most crucial aspect of any internet-based business, providing solid foundations to withstand the traffic spikes and sidestep the downtime is very important.

This article discusses the differences between Managed and unmanaged hosting and how do they impact the daily businesses.

Managed Hosting v/s Unmanaged Hosting – A Comparison

What is Managed Hosting and Unmanaged Hosting Service?

A hosting plan constitutes of different components, server hardware being the most basic of all. The operating system installed along with various software inside the server helps smooth functionality of web hosting and running numerous applications on websites. These additional features are management services which refer to a hosting plan that includes secondary support and benefits for the organization.

Whereas, an unmanaged hosting is a standard web hosting where the user only gets a hosting space on the server to upload the website. The user is solely responsible to update, maintain and secure the website.

Key differences – Managed Hosting versus Unmanaged Hosting:

  • A managed hosting provider offers support for every single issue or task, emergency or routine. The operating system, control panel, server setup, and pre-installed applications are assisted, managed, and supported by the service provider. Usually managed to host includes automated backup and monitoring to provide a secure and robust IT environment.
  • An unmanaged hosting is usually inexpensive as it includes no management and routine support. The host only replaces the failed components, reboot servers, and maintain the network without supporting any software or its installation on the system. Rest all the responsibilities right from installing security patches, to fixing errors and to installing software, is taken care of by the user only.

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Business Benefits of Managed Hosting Services over Unmanaged Hosting Services:

A number of crucial business benefits offered by managed hosting to help support the growth of organization include:

  • Backups: Keeping backups of all the database and application is very crucial. Any attack or threat can potentially damage the complete website leaving users with complete data loss. The user must always choose a provider that is capable to restore the files or database from the backup with shorter recovery duration. Hosting providers that offer daily backups and keep them for at least seven days are recommended.
  • Support: The level of support the managed hosting services offers is outstanding when compared to unmanaged hosting services. Usually, a team of professionals having sound technical knowledge offer full support to organizations by resolving their every little query efficiently.
  • Fully Managed Services: A managed dedicated server hosting service helps organizations run their business without worrying about the management and monitoring of data and applications. The provider assists the organizations through third-party applications which manage all the technical aspects of the customer’s website. Keeping operating system, hardware and software resources fully updated and secured, help customize server as per user requirements. Also, an ideal provider offer migration services to help move the workloads on the cloud with advice and recommendations to improve the performance of the website.
  • Application Support: A managed hosting service is capable to configure a server to accommodate the customer’s requirements. Every website has different sets of requirements and challenges. A managed service provider offers customized solutions to every customer as and when required. The application support level of the managed hosting provider assures quick resolution of any problem.
  • Security: Security is paramount for any web hosting service. Managed hosting services try to implement solutions from security standpoints. Installing a local firewall and scanning the website actively to detect the malware and security risks are some of the major challenges that are taken care of by the managed services. These practices restrict various unauthorized users from accessing the website, preventing the website from vulnerabilities.

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Final Words:

Hopefully, the differences between managed and unmanaged hosting are now a lot obvious and the readers might have gained a basic understanding of some of the specific services managed services entails.

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