Looking for Colocation Services? Consider These 5 Factors!

A colocation data center facility is a space that a business usually rents to store or install servers and other hardware. Colocation data centers usually provide power, building, cooling, bandwidth, and physical security, whereas, the customer providers storage and servers. Selecting a reliable and affordable colocation data center, however, can be challenging. Although different companies have different facilities and customer needs, there is a list of common considerations every business needs to take into account in order to choose a data center. If you too are looking for a colocation data center, i2k2 Networks has the perfect solution.

Go through this blog that covers all the necessary considerations for selecting a colocation data center services.

5 Key Points to Consider When Choosing Colocation Services –

1. Bandwidth Requirements

Every company needs to have high functioning, quality, and speed internet connection in order to optimally carry out everyday operations. The absence of a reliable internet connection has the potential to significantly harm a business infrastructure. For businesses to avoid a potential downfall in their overall performance, it is important to steer clear from redundant or weak bandwidth options, by evaluating carrier diversity. The connectivity options and services offered by a colocation data center are, usually, more reliable and affordable that in-house hosting services.

2. Security Measures

One of the prime reasons business prefer choosing a colocation data center is because they provide heightened security. Colocation data center is a remote facility that stores in-house sensitive information. Security measures, in case of colocation services, is an important aspect to consider when setting a budget for data center services. Physical security, such as round-the-clock monitoring and restricting access, can be taken into consideration to provide high-security measures to colocation data centers. Virtual security measures, such as biometrics and video surveillance, is also a popular method to secure sensitive information of a company.

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3. Supply and Demand

The supply and demand, in every business venture, within an industry will pay an important role when setting a budget for colocation services. Colocation pricing may decrease if a new colocation facility enters a market and, in turn, increasing pressure for existing colocation services in India or other places. Colocation budget is, therefore, directly affected depending on the condition of the supply and demand market. As the market is subject to continuous change, it is important to be aware of recent trends.

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4. Power Configurations

Colocation facilities concentrate on energy and, therefore, it is essential for companies to make sure that the servers are up and running 7 days a week, 24 hours everyday. Power configurations is a major factor to consider when pinpointing colocation cost. Colocation power costs depend upon a number of factors, such as facility size, power source, and location. Different colocation service providers may have different power configurations. Doing research and making a list of your companies requirements is important in comparing and choosing a colocation service provider that fits your needs.

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5. Equipment Protection

A colocation data center is home to expensive and high-quality equipment and its protection is one of the key aspects to consider when setting a budget for colocation services. To avoid high maintenance cost, it is important to make a high one-time investment in colocation services that provide high standard solutions to protect the data center equipment.

Wrap Up

When choosing a colocation data center that meets every business requirement, it is important to aside a budget that your business can afford to spend on such services. Setting a budget for colocation services depends on a number of factors, such as security, risk mitigation, and other factors mentioned in this blog. If you need guidance in selecting the perfect colocation services in India or anywhere else, i2k2 Networks are at your service. We offer Tier III data center services in India with in-depth industry knowledge and a history of quality delivery. For more information, call +91-120-466 3031 | +91-971-177-4040. You can also fill our contact form and we will get back to you shortly.