Link Baiting

SEO experts usually recommend to use hook in linkbaiting that not just attack the weakness of others but it should blended with positive and constructive alertness with suitable alternatives especially if you want to create sensation through making others site as a platform. You can also experiment linkbaiting with your own site but the content must have debate and interactive quality that can make it a hot topic. For making your site more link-worthy avoid temptation and initially focus on content that can draw attention on your site from your local niche market.

Also try to develop real relationship with your peers grabbing the opportunity especially when you attend a conference, trade show, training sessions, try to meet and make friendship with many people as possible and keep in touch by communicating with them in regular basis, this is the chance that you can associate with many people, these people can help you when you linkbait.

Bottom-line- To explore over the internet and get worthy backlinks and let people talk about you and your site write something that can create sensation and go for link baiting.