Link Baiting is for Fun and Profit as well

Link baiting or linkbaiting is the latest buzz word in the SEO world and it has become the preferred way to natural link building. Link baiting is the art of writing an interesting article, building a useful tool or running a newsworthy event on a website.

Link baiting
means to create something that attract visitors and the backlinks naturally for your web page by getting people to talk about it, blogging about it, discussing it on forums, posting it on Furl/ Shoutwire/ Digg and linking to it from their sites.

The list of ideas is:

•    Make a valuable resource (special reports, lists, history of etc.)
•    Interview prominent people and publish it.
•    Write an interesting article
•    Build a useful tool
•    Run a newsworthy event like a contest
•    Be the first person in doing something on the internet
•    Test something new
•    Write something controversial
•    Write a theory and back it up with logics
•    Be the first person to expose a scammer
•    Be the first person to research and document something
•    Be the first person to write the latest news in your niche
•    Write some funny humor
•    Disagree with an authority
•    Make a tool that others can put on their sites but that links to you
•    Make an interesting picture
•    Make a theme, piece of software
•    Make a joke about a known person
•    Make a resource i.e. just in time for a major event
•    Write useful comments on something that is happening
•    Get people to talk about an interesting topic
•    Give something valuable
•    Become an expert in your niche and write valuable information

How does Link Baiting work?

You publish a new page on a topic and set it free on the web. Then others pick up on the content as interesting and fresh and link to it. Therefore, the article is the bait and the link is the catch. A properly created page can capture huge links on its own without any effort from your side.

In this way, Link baiting is very profitable.