Like and Dislike Facebook

Facebook has become one inevitable part of our lives. It is required for almost everything. You are sleeping or you are snoring, your daily things are there on Facebook. And then there is something called ‘like’ button on everything. Over the time, many people are calling for a dislike button as well. What is your say in that? Do you wish to ‘like’ a status update which says a friend went on shopping. This blog is all about questioning the fact if there should be a button for dislike or not?

Looking at other sites, for instance there are graphic designs showcasing ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’. It displays if it liked. When it comes to facebook, things turn out otherwise. Facebook had the money quotient in it. This social networking site has been developed in order to target almost all the age groups and their varied interests. This is one place, where a company can get his targeted customers. Now, that many businesses are being promoted on Facebook, it is likely to have a larger mass audience.

With the affect of the ‘dislike’ button, there are chances of negativity to develop in the platform. For instance, if you have a dissatisfied customer, he may dislike certain brand’s page. In the same way, there are chances that a company can promote disliking certain competitor’s page. In addition, nothing can be more discouraging than customers putting up negative comments. In the entire scenario, there are full chances of negativity surrounding the competition and marketing. In nutshell, ‘dislike’ button may not create a productive impact on people and the business page.

Looking at the current picture, developers have come up with Open Graph. With the help of this application, one can actually ‘watch’ a movie or ‘cook’ a recipe with the help of the buttons of same names. This particular button system will give the opportunity to exactly the activity is all about? Such a strategy will not hamper company’s marketing. The talks about Open Graph took place in F8 conference in September. What is your say on this issue? Do you think ‘dislike’ is anyways necessary? The floor is open for a healthy debate.