Let’s see the reasons to use Structured cabling

Structured cabling system is designed to accommodate cost effectively and quickly frequent moves ads and changes. A structured cabling work can mitigate the disruption and system failures associated with enterprise restructuring. The successful integration of planning systems to optimize the construction process can reduce the life cycle costs in progress.

Benefits of using Structured Cabling:

It is true that structured cabling provides an exceptional return on investment. A structured cabling system requires only minimal upgrades for all other survivors of network components.

  • When integrating the cabling and delivery methods, construction costs for the cabling of data, voice and BMS can be reduced to 30 percent.
  • Moves, modifications, changes and upgrades can be performed more efficiently with a savings of 25 to 40 percent for material and labor when using an office wiring approach.

Other benefits of using structured cabling:

  • Support multi-equipment – You can mix and match vendors.
  • Consistency – Same cables exist everywhere in the building.
  • Simplifies moves ads and changes – If your business grows or moves locations with your structured cabling network, resources are always ready to go.
  • Support of future applications – A Cat 5 or Cat 6 compliant system will support future applications with little (if any) system upgrades.
  • Simplifies troubleshooting – With a wired structuring system; problems are easier to isolate and repair.

Solutions of Structured Cabling:

A structured cabling system is like a platform on which comprehensive information system is built. A structured cabling system can support multiple voice, video, data and multimedia systems with a flexible cabling infrastructure, regardless of manufacturer.

  • Specialty Cabling Solutions – Fiber and Copper solutions for diverse and environmentally demanding applications such as marine, aerospace, transportation and automotive which generally require the strict performance criteria.
  • Copper Infrastructure Solutions – independent verification as well as screening unscreened data communication structured cabling solutions, providing ultimate performance and reliability for infrastructure needs of Copper. Cat 5 (Cat 5e) or Cat 6 solutions exceed TIA Cat 5e.
  • Fiber Optic Solutions – To provide proof of a future infrastructure Conventional and cabling solutions for fiber blown compliment the deployment of optical solutions deeper into the network.
  • Low Voltage Wiring – Solutions that include paging and music systems, CCTV.

So, we hope now you understand the importance of Structured Cabling.