Let us see why Zimbra is better than Microsoft Exchange

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Zimbra Collaboration Suite MS Exchange 2007

Zimbra is a mail/collaboration suite solution and it is easier to maintain, phenomenally easier to extend, really supports internet standards, you get the source if you’d like to make your own alterations, the web interface is richer, the support is more reactive, the company is less evil, releases come multiple times per year instead of once per multiple years, the IMAP server is richer, runs on non-Windows servers, gets better performace with the same hardware, you can enter your own feature requests and the company actually pays attention. Dealing with Zimbra is very much user friendly and understanding their features is much easier than anything. It has complete documentation through which a beginner can also learn about their feature and scope of work, and can efficiently and effectively manage the services and the admin control panel.

Add to this that Zimbra is committed to the community and listens to us when we ask for features. It takes MS how long to implement needed features? Zimbra was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal and that article clearly shows that email users are looking for a better option. In about a year, Zimbra has over 4 Million paid mailboxes (plus however many Open Source version mailboxes) where as Microsoft has 140 Million mailboxes and they have been around how long? How long have they been the alone in the market space? Now that folks have a choice, they are running to Zimbra.

Zimbra is not only a mailing solution but it has a complete collaboration suite like document management system, task management system, Calendar Management system, advance search option with a single click. The main advantage of zimbra collaboration suite that makes it perfect is sharing feature like you can

share your mail, calendar, document, address book with your internal user.

Analyze Zimbra

Products reviewed

  1. Exchange 2007:- Too difficult to administer & prone to corruption scalix
  2. Zimbra:- Zimblets won us over- Link to its custom applications

User Acceptance of Zimbra

  1. Zimbra- Users love the web interface- 40% switched from outlook to exclusive use of the webUI.
  2. Overlay calendars are perfect
  3. Resource Scheduling is so easy
  4. Calendar sharing is so easy
  5. Searching is ridiculously fast and includes attachments.

Top Ten Reason to go with Zimbra

The top 10 reasons (of many more) to choose Zimbra Collaborative Suite instead of Exchange

10. Zimbra is based on Open Sourced software providing flexibility

9. Zimbra scales significantly better and with less hardware overhead

8. Multi-client support (Mac OS X & WindowsXP have parity on feature set)

7. Let’s be honest, it ain’t Microsoft!

6. Flexibility of server platform deployment (RHEL, MacOS X, SuSE)

5. Zimlets/SOAP/REST – ability to integrate with other systems

4. Searching – ever try searching a multi-gig mailbox in Outlook?

3. Attachment search/rendering

2. Integrated Spam/Anti-Virus that actually works well.

1. Zimbra Support – try getting the response time and quality of support from MS that you can get from the Zimbra corporate team