Know what 2019 has in store for Data Center Services

Data Center Trends 2019

The IT industry has witnessed some of the major challenges and interesting developments throughout 2018.  Undoubtedly, cloud technology has been the most advertent trends from the past few years, but centralized data centers have taken the center stage with the vast majority of compute and storage functionalities.

Various Internet giants have managed to occupy colocation facilities as tenants to deploy their critical infrastructures and applications keeping a customer-centric approach in mind. The insatiable demand for cloud computing and local compute has resulted in need of colocation services accompanied by a quick reduction of latency and Internet cost. Consequently, edge computing has come into the picture, usually defined as the localized versions of ‘cloud stacks.’

The change will take over and as it continues to gain popularity, 2019 will be the year to observe the amalgamation of data center services and data center solutions closely in commercial and retail applications.

4 Big prediction of 2019 Concerning Data Center Services Trends –

Here are some of the predictions for growth of data center services in India:

1.Faster deployment of hyper scale data centers –

Sensing the present demand of cloud computing technologies in IT enterprises, the requirements are expected to grow even bigger. The internet giants are going to build greater levels of compute capacity in the form of hyperscale data centers. Various projects will come in the picture, where planning, designing and building such facilities might just take less than 12 months. Meeting such aggressive timeframes will require prefabricated infrastructure. So the need of deploying hyperscale data center at a comparatively faster pace would be required to meet the expected demand of compute capacity and keep the demand-supply chain neutral.

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2. Conflicts between IT and Telco Data Centers –

The distributed cloud computing environment will be scalable, resilient, and fault-tolerant in order to offer the quality of 5G. The regional data centers will combine the telco functionality, data routing, and flow management along with IT services, the data cache, processing, and delivery. However, the confliction will arise between IT and Telco data centers due to urbanization. Hence, the need for localized microdata centers will increase to provide faster latency and deliver high levels of connectivity and availability for both the 5G providers and customers.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Liquid Cooling –

As AI continues to gain popularity in computer applications, it remains the most preferred choice in data centers, as well. It helps serving massive processing demands of data center services worldwide. Also, liquid cooling is another technological advancement that will support some of the high-performance computing (HPC) applications to offer innovative solutions with the gaining momentum of AI.

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4. Cloud-based Data Center Management Services –

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) was originally implemented as an on-premise software system to collect and monitor information from the infrastructures of a single data center. Since now the cloud-based management applications are deployed within the cloud, they allow the users to gather larger volumes of data from a broader range of IoT-enables products. Thus, the data center management-as-as-service platform will empower the users and make them more informed, make data-driven decisions, and help mitigate unplanned events or downtime quickly than ever.

Bottom Line –

Embracing the new trends of data center services in 2019 will boost the growth and revenue of the enterprise through strong infrastructure management support. It is very important to choose a data center services provider wisely as you trust them with all the key routes of your business. You might try considering i2k2 Networks, a leading data center services, and web hosting solutions provider in India at Noida, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, including all the world-class services that a Tier-III data center would require. We offer complete control over security programs with no limitations over bandwidth at a relatively low price.  Come share your requirements and give us a call at +91-120-466-3031 | +91-971-177-4040 or write to us at