Know About NOFOLLOW and DOFOLLOW attributes

In this article we are going to discuss about an important part of off page seo.
We have already discussed about off page seo in our previous article.

People discusses in forums that they comment in many blog with links but after approval the comment they have not get the link on those blog.

An attribute name “nofollow” is the reason for that. ”nofollow” attribute denies to the search engines to crawl the the link.

So before giving the comment in blog be assure that your link must be with “dofollow”

“dofollow” attribute is just opposite of “nofollow”. It instructs to search engines to follow the link.

This is accomplished by placing the rel=”dofollow” attribute in an anchor tag.

If you are not using rel= “nofollow” it is by default do-follow.

According to webmaster guidelines, those hyperlinks having attribute “nofollow” would not get credit by the Google when they give rank to the websites in their SERP.