Keyword Frequency and Keyword Frequency Tools

Search engine optimization keyword frequency in SEO is the number of times a keyword or phrase appears on a page or in an area on a page. All Search engines place importance in the number of times a keyword is listed on your page. You can say the more a keyword appears on the page, the more relevant it will be to that search.

Keyword search frequency tool may help you to select keywords as well as research keywords for internet marketing. You may able to find out the monthly search frequency of your keyword on WEB. To find all related keywords and search times, deep analyze option can help you.

There are many keyword frequency tools. But the five best tools are:

•    SEO Chat’s Keyword Tool
•    Ranks.NL’s Keyword Density and Prominence
•    Aaron Wall’s Keyword Density Tool
•    Evrsoft Developers’ SEO Tool

If search engines feel you were excessive then they will penalize you for keyword spamming. So, you should use your keyword in the document in as many times as is recommended for that engine and as many different areas as you can. A standard repetition of each keyword is three to ten times.

Frequency will vary depending on whether you enable partial matching. Frequency counts will vary depending on whether you selected exact matching on the first tab of the Page Critic screen. In extra, if you perform a case-sensitive search by having one or more upper case letters in your keyword, then your frequency count may vary.

So, I hope now you understand about Keyword Frequency.