Key Features of Windows Hosting Services Offered in India

In a small period time, Windows hosting India has captured the attention of numerous businessmen looking for the best systems for their organization’s website. The excellent features offered by this type of web hosting service are unparalleled and help in optimizing all the functions that a website can have. Technologies such as FrontPage, Windows Streaming Media, ASP.NET or MS-Access deliver their best performance on a server that operates on Windows OS. And, web hosting India services are extremely cheap, which makes the whole affair cost effective and highly functional.

Windows hosting India provides owners of companies a feasible avenue to use popular scripting languages like ASP, ASP.NET and PHP without shelling out a fortune. ASP users also find using Internet Information Server (IIS) very beneficial, since they are both Microsoft products and made to work in the most cohesive manner. Similarly, hi-tech applications like CGI also operate the best on web hosting India servers that work on Windows operating systems. And, the whole package can be availed at the cheapest of prices, since Indian forms offering hosting services deliver high quality work at low rates. Therefore, it’s a completely win-win situation for businessmen!

So, it can be safely said that availing web hosting India services for Windows based servers is a sound decision. There are a few people who would find the cost factor to be a deterrent, since Linux based hosting services are free of cost. But, they must remember that the price they are paying is a licensing fee and very nominal to say the least. Moreover, the benefits offered by Windows hosting India are considerably higher than those rendered by services operating on other OS.