Is Google’s Real-Time Search better than Bing?

In last month, Google announced its real-time search capability which is the new salvo in its ongoing feature war with Bing. Search engine of Microsoft already integrates real-time Facebook and Twitter results. Both search engines have now released their initial real-time products and there is too much to like from the two top search brands.

Results of Google’s Real-Time

Twitter is only one part of Google’s push into real-time results as Google includes the new updates directly from news and blogs services also. But, according to my tests, Twitter updates were the bulk of Google’s real-time results. Google’s real-time search results unlike Bing are embedded in our regular search results page instead of a dedicated real-time page.

If you enter famous search terms into Google then your results page will include a “Latest results for” section that features a constantly updating window of real-time results that usually shows up about halfway down the first results page.

How does a user get real-time search results?

Matt Cutts has mentioned in his blog that Google processed billion of documents in one day for their real time search. Google has really improved significantly in speeding up the crawling and indexing process.

Following are the steps to use it:

1) Go to
2) Type your query and press “search.”
3) When the results load completely, find “Show options” under the search box. Click it.

So, what you want to say about Google’s real-time search capability and Bing?