Increase your Website Traffic by Article Marketing

If you are not promoting your products or services by article marketing, then you are missing a golden opportunity. Since the first internet business was created, till now, article marketing has been a reliable way to get website traffic.

Article marketing is actually a form of promotion by using articles. You can easily post your writing on your website or submit it to online directories. Only key which you need is to create content that contains the best keywords for your products or services.

The main advantage of article marketing is that you are positioning yourself as an expert in your field and building name recognition in your field. If you have written a well article which is very useful and informative then you will be viewed as an expert in your company.

New-new prospects will view your articles as a proof that you know what you are talking about and you want to do business with them. They will definitely have faith your expertise as you have already proven it in your article.

When optimizing your article there are four main considerations:

1.    In the article title, include your keyword
2.    In the article use links or anchor text to your site as permitted by the article directory
3.    Make sure your keyword is in the first sentence of your article and also used it throughout the article. But do not do it again and again as having reader-friendly article is your primary goal
4.    Use links or anchor text to your site in the bio box. Include two or one sentence elevator speech and do not forget a call to action

So, the advantage with implementing article marketing is the main part of your overall marketing efforts. Just think about it.