Improve your search engine ranking by using Keyword density concept

If you really want to improve your Search Engine Ranking or we can say that improve your site placement in the search engine results is to work on the keyword density on your page.

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase shows on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page or we can say it is the ratio of the word that is being searched for (the keyword) against the total number of words appearing on your web page. In the process of search engine optimization, keyword density is used as a factor in determining whether a specific keyword or keyword phrase is relevant to a web page. Keyword density should be 1-7% of total number of words of your page.

Search engines began giving priority to other factors that are beyond the direct control of webmasters. Today, keyword stuffing or the overuse of keywords, will cause a web page to be penalized.

Now, let’s know how do you improve your keyword density in order to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking?

  1. When you are going to plan a page, first you need to think about which search terms or word a user can use while searching for the information your web site provides. For example, a visitor who is looking for information on “Hair Saloon” may search for things like “hair cut”, “hair style”, “hair color” etc.
  2. After collecting your list of keywords, do not simply dump those keywords into a senseless list on your web page.
  3. Try to create sentences that use those keywords. Many writers have habit to repeat a particular word too; choosing instead to use alternative terms i.e. synonyms words. This will make it for a more pleasant reading, but it will not help you to let your site at the top rank in search engine results for that particular keyword.
  4. If you want your page to get a high rank when someone searches for the phrase “hair saloon”, keep repeating the phrase “hair saloon” in your web page instead of substituting the word like “it” etc.

So, in short we can say that if a particular keyword has a higher density on your web page, then your page will have chances to increases a better search engine ranking.