Improve Startup Times in Window Vista

Windows loads a number of programs while it starts automatically, most of the time you won’t need many of them which usually slow down the startup time while loading. However You can control what programs auto-starts in vista through the System Configuration Utility and Windows Defender with few easy step.

Here is the way you can disable auto-start applications with the System Configuration Utility:# Open up msconfig (use the Vista Start Menu’s Instant Search feature and press the Windows key> type ‘System’ and the hit return.

# Select the Startup tab.

# Uncheck any items that you do not want to auto-load and click OK.

To disabling auto-start applications with Windows Defender

* Open Windows Defender

* Click on the Tools in the top menu bar.

* Click on Software Explorer.

* Hit Show for All Users.

* Select an application and then click either Remove or Disable

You’ve done it!