Important Considerations When Choosing an AWS Service Provider in Delhi NCR

Important Considerations When Choosing an AWS Service Provider in Delhi NCR

Cloud-based services today are ubiquitous across all businesses and industries. About 90 per cent of global enterprises are on the cloud. Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud vendor with a meaty 32 per cent market share. With over 140 services on offer, AWS is a top contender for any business looking to get on the cloud. To move your business to the cloud, you need to start by choosing the best AWS Service Provider. I2k2 Networks is one of the best AWS Service Providers in Delhi, NCR when looking for superior quality service. Here is a quick five-pointer checklist to help you to zero down on a suitable service provider.

Exit Planning

Before you onboard your new Amazon web services consultant, you need to ask them if and how they will help you exit your current data management system. You mustn’t lose any data in this migration. The formatting and encryption of data can also get altered during data transmission. It helps to have experts from your Amazon web services provider handhold your team with an effective exit strategy.

Staffing & Resources Requirements

Discuss with your vendor for Amazon web services in India the investment you will need to make. You may have to earmark or invest in specific hardware and software integration tools. Getting a clear insight into the requirements will help you plan better and make the right decisions.


Choose a service provider that offers solid support services. Amazon Web Services vendors like i2k2 Networks help customers integrate systems and provide support initially to get the ball rolling. What you need is prompt support through the engagement lifecycle that goes beyond just chat bots or call centres. A dedicated resource who understands your system and architecture will troubleshoot problems promptly and effectively. Ask your service provider up-front what their after-sales support ecosystem is like.

Data Security

There are a few questions on data security you need to discuss an AWS Service Provider. These include:

  • How they aim to uphold the web security
  • Their data encryption policies
  • Whether they offer periodic internal audit reports
  • How they handle incidents of data threats or breach of protocol

As a seasoned Amazon web services consultant, we have comprehensive processes and solutions and our team of experts can walk you through it all.

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Wrap Up

Moving to the cloud presents tremendous scope for any business. From reducing the IT budget and bolstering data security to providing data access from anywhere under the sun, every level of your organization will derive immense benefits from migrating to the cloud. It’s essential to make the right choice of service provider to leverage the full benefits of cloud computing. i2K2 Networks is a premium AWS services provider in Delhi NCR. We are your best bet when looking to get the best of Amazon web services in India. Call +91 120 466 3031 or +91 956 026 2223 to discuss your requirements. You can also email