IBM Bluemix vs Microsoft Azure: An Overview

Although cloud technology is still evolving, there is no denying the fact that the technology is here to stay. Its services and platforms have changed the way businesses operate. Most businesses have embraced the distinct benefits of moving to the cloud. If you wish to harness the power of cloud, i2k2 Networks can help you make the transition. We, however, first help you consider your options. Although there are various players in the cloud market, this blog post gives an overview of two prominent cloud options, IBM Bluemix and Microsoft Azure. Read on to learn more.

IBM Bluemix vs Microsoft Azure

Overview – IBM Bluemix vs Microsoft Azure

IBM Bluemix

IBM’s Bluemix is a popular open standard cloud platform that allows you to build, manage, and run applications and services of all types. The platform provides instant environments, which allow developers to work on any run-time language of their choice. It also offers an integrated set of tools that helps developers and operation teams develop, monitor, deploy, and log an entire application collaboratively. Integrate an application as a team hassle-free by creating toolchains that include Bluemix services, open source API services, and third party tools. IBM prioritizes security through tools to provide layered security to your apps, platform, and infrastructure. The platform also allows you to build hybrid cloud environments to suit your business requirements. You also get flexible pricing options through pay as you go and different subscription models.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is also a cloud platform that offers a growing collection of integrated services that are broadly categorized into three types, IaaS(Infrastructure-as-a-service), PaaS(Platform-as-a-service), and Saas(software-as-a-service). Azure’s virtual machines give developers various choices, from Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, to IBM, for a range of computing solutions. Its Single Sign-On (SSO) feature gives users easy access to all applications and resources through a single user account. Once signed-in, you can access all apps that you may require to conduct your business without the need to authenticate again. It also allows users to log-in using their credentials from platforms such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook. Azure storage offers plenty of standard storage options, such as Blob, Queue, and Table storages. Microsoft Azure storage account replicates your data within the same data center or a different one to protect your data and apps up-time, in the event of hardware failure. Local, Zone, and Geo Redundancy 3-9s availability are the replication options users can choose from to preserve their data and applications. For those who wish to sample any combination of Azure services on a 30 day trial, you may use certain Azure services for free, if your organizations is less than 5 years old. Microsoft has other attractive discount offers and benefits for schools and other educational institutes.

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Bottom line

Although IBM is one of the biggest IT players to push cloud in the market, Microsoft has taken the IT market by storm despite being relatively new. Despite the differences between Bluemix and Azure, both cloud players have contributed immensely towards nurturing the cloud technology that we all know today. Whether you choose Bluemix or Azure, ensure it fits your business requirements. For expert consultation, i2k2 networks IT experts are always ready to help you with the best customized cloud computing solutions. To learn more, ‘request a call back’ or call us at +91-120-466 3031.