i2k2 Offers Mailing Solutions Through Zimbra Dedicated Email Server

i2k2 networks offers a complete solution to mailing queries and requirements in the form of dedicated servers that includes web hosting server, incoming and outgoing emails, databases, inter-office communications and storage. And the most notable amongst these is the ZCS or Zimbra Collaboration Suite, a complete emailing solution for enterprises.

i2k2 networks have a long list of clients ranging from medium to large organizations who can now send innumerable  newsletters and thousands of messages in a very short time, without any interruption. The advanced features of Zimbra email are very flexible with maximum scalability features and built on open standards and technologies. Zimbra hosting offers unparallel benefits to organizations including on-premises or hosted email. Zimbra mail also provides the privilege to organizations to access basic email, shared calendars and mobility or document management.

i2k2 Networks mainly focuses on providing the best and most effective communication and mailing solutions thereby removing critical problems of traditional emails or switching between multiple email accounts. Not only this, with shared Zimbra hosting, users can now have access to email irrespective of place, time etc.

i2k2 also provides a complete email, contact, calendar and document management suite. It offers innovative AJAX experience that provides a powerful and flexible web-based experience which can work on any computer, anywhere and anytime. They have a highly qualified support team who offer 24×7 support as well as efficient monitoring.