i2k2 Networks Renders Quality Shared Hosting Service on Windows Servers

i2k2 Networks is the leading organization engaged in serving to the web hosting India requirements of organizations of all sizes. This firm renders its exemplary hosting on shared servers to small and medium sized companies based across the globe at the lowest rates. And, any small or medium sized organization in the corporate world utilizes the potential of tools developed by Microsoft in creating their websites. The sites that are created using MS’s tools can only be floated on the internet through windows hosting India, a service that i2k2 Networks provides.

The shared web hosting servers of i2k2 Networks possess the requisite amounts of hard disk storage space, RAM, bandwidth and other resources to satisfy the demands of websites of firms of small to medium sizes. The shared hosting service rendered by this firm is well known for its scalability, as the resources provided to the user can be increased as and when the needs arise. i2k2 Networks’ shared Windows hosting servers are located in Bangalore, India and globally, at secure datacenters, and are known for 99.99% uptime as well as for providing best in class user experience.