i2k2 Networks ensures Incoming Traffic Management via Efficient Load Balancing

Heavy traffic is all that a website owner desires, but insufficient resources of the hosting server can mar the whole purpose of setting up a site. In this regard, load balancing is the need of the hour, and i2k2 Networks carries out the best practices to ensure that the traffic volumes are always manageable. This firm makes sure that in instances of unprecedented volumes of users visiting the site, extra severs are added to the client’s web server in India, thereby having the additional resources needed to keep the site running.

The capabilities of i2k2 Networks allow it to execute Round Robin DNS balancing as well as Hardware Load Balancing. Under Round Robin DNS balancing, the BIND of a DNS server assists in a comprehensive cycling of IP addresses, in adherence to the group of servers that form the cluster. On the other hand, Hardware Load Balancing pertains to rerouting of TCP/IP data packets using circuit level network to the servers in a clustered-format. Both these activities enable this firm to manage the unexpected load on the site without any glitches.