i2k2 Networks delivered the Solution of 30 TB Data movement on AWS Snowball

AWS Snowball

i2k2 Networks has set a benchmark by delivering the right solutions at right time. One of our esteemed client required to migrate their 30 GB of in-house workload over AWS cloud but the major challenge was customer’s bandwidth speed with which it was almost impossible to migrate data to AWS cloud over the network.

The experts’ advice and support of our Sysops team helped us resolve our client’s dilemma by migrating their business-critical data to AWS S3 using Amazon Snowball device. This resulted in successful backup and restoration of in-house data on their local machine.

By successful deployment of AWS Snowball, i2k2 Networks marked as one of the few service providers to cater to such rare service of AWS. Being an AWS consulting partner, we look forward to more such projects where we can use and explore other unique though highly-optimized and viable products of AWS.

AWS Snowball and i2k2

Security Highlights of AWS Snowball:

  • 256-bit data encryption
  • Tamper resistant
  • Keys managed by AWS and are never written to the device
  • End-to-end data tracking
  • Secure Erasure

i2k2 Capabilities along with AWS Snowball include:

  • Rugged 8.5 G Impact Case
  • Rain and Dust Resistant
  • End-To-End Data Encryption
  • 50 TB Capacity
  • 10G Network
  • E-ink Label
  • Programmable

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