i2k2 Networks’ CEO claims ‘Modular Datacenters are the future of Digital India

New Delhi, India, Nov 20, 2015 – Rahul Agarwal, CEO, i2k2 Networks Rahul Agarwal, CEO, i2k2 Networks, one of the leading hosting and technology services company in the country, in a recent interview with the leading IT magazine, Dataquest, discussed the role of modular datacenters in digital India. He firmly believes that making the state-of-art cloud infrastructure on modular datacenters is the next big thing.

Speaking about the competitive nature of business these days, he said that the companies need to be at the top of their game and therefore, provide impeccable services such as zero downtime, pre-emptive management of possible issues, data confidentiality and security and regular updates on contemporary trends. All these put high expectations on the traditional datacenters, and the only possible way for the companies to meet the challenge is to shift to modular datacenters.

Although Rahul appreciates the role played by the traditional datacenters, he believes that the modular datacenters surpass them on both accounts: deployment speed and capital investment. To build a traditional datacenter, you need to devote a large amount of time and money, whereas modular datacenters have a low total cost of ownership. He further adds that modular datacenters score over their traditional counterparts not only in terms of scalability, agility and disaster recovery but also reduce carbon footprints making them an eco-friendly option.

When asked whether traditional datacenters are still the preferred setup, Rahul said that the time of traditional datacenters is now over. Modular datacenters or hybrid models built to suit the needs of the companies are the next in line. He explained that every company needs an edge regarding low infrastructure cost and traditional datacenters with overbuilt capacity and lack of scalable design fail to score on both accounts. Modular datacenters, on the other hand, attribute to a significant part of total savings and are therefore the preferred ones.

On a parting note, Rahul says that with the government push on ‘Digital India’ drive, more and more companies are going to jump on to the IT growth bandwagon as it will not only increase their revenue but also reduce their total operational cost by manifolds. In the future times, he is sure that cloud computing will comprise of faster SSD drives, artificial intelligence and many more.

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