I2k2 launched First global portal on Stem Cell Therapy and Cord Blood Banking

Noida, India, 25 August, 2009:  i2k2 has launched the first global portal on Stem Cell Therapy and Cord Blood Banking. Stem Cell Global Foundation (SCGF) is a Platform to Access all Stem Cell Solutions. This foundation is a social welfare organization with an aim of integrating all the stem cell solutions on a single platform so as to make them accessible to the needy patients.

SCGF along with helping patients to access all the Stem Cell Therapy Centres and Stem Cell Banks all over the world, also works for advancement in stem cell technology by providing consultation for stem cell set up like therapy center, preservation lab, stem cell processing lab, stem cell bank, support for stem cell promotion programs like lectures, conferences, TV shows, interviews and Stem cell Clinical Trials. For more details, you can visit www.stemcellgf.org

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i2k2 is believing to achieve more in terms of quality business with SCGF