How you can Measure Twitter Success ?


If you have send a nice tweet that really resonates with your targeted audience then you have a great shot of getting retweeted. Retweets expose your Twitter handle to each individual’s followers, therefore increase your exposure. The more retweets you accumulate, the more likely your tweets are interesting and relevant.

Drives to the Website

This is simple and pure lead generation.  After conversing with the other Twitter users a few times, you send them a link to a relevant web page. If you can drive people to your product via Twitter, then Twitter will have an impact on your bottom line and this can be tracked by adding links via URL shortening services like


One thing you should try to do on Twitter is to offer travel tips and advice. You can do this not just for best Trips’ products, but also for any travel-related tweets that can offer relevant information. The more useful advice you offer, the more confidence other users will have in you as a travel expert.

Number of Followers

Opinions seem to vary greatly on this as some brands will never amass the similar number of followers as others. Whether the audience is very niche or there is another reason, some will never reach the same heights as a brand such as CNN. Whereas, many social media blogs measure the success of Twitter accounts by the number of followers.

So, this is my experience that I have done with Twitter. Would you like to follow me?