How you can increase your Twitter Followers?

When twitter was launched for the first time and started getting popular soon then all the customers, readers, followers started following them because twitter gives us an easy medium to follow another person’s tweets.

But how can you increase your Twitter followers?

Following are the ways to increase your Twitter followers:

1.Your bio is the only place where you can tell people who you are. Your bio is also displayed on Twitter’s Suggested Users page. So, fill out your bio as leaving it blank doesn’t encourage people to add you.

2.Retweeting pushes your username into foreign social graphs, resulting in clicks back to your profile. So, explain your followers what retweeting is and also encourage them to retweet your links.

3.Put links to your Twitter profile everywhere. Link it on your  LinkedIn, Digg, Facebook, email signature, blog and everywhere else you live online. Also, check out the great badges from TwitterCounter for your blog.

4.Tweet about your passions in life and #hash tag them. Quality and relevant content coupled with an easy way to find it never fails. If others enjoy your content, they will add you surely.

5.Just bring your twitter account into the physical world.

6.You have to follow the top twitter users and watch what they tweet. Just pay attention to the content they sent out and how they address their audiences.

7.Take pictures as pictures are heavily retweeted or spread around. For mobile pics use iPhone apps like Twitterific or Tweetie, both which support on the go uploading.

8.TwitterCounter will show you how many new users you are adding per day and Qwitter will email you when someone unfollows you after a tweet. So, track your results.

So, if you like all these ways to follow then give me comment here.
When twitter was launched for the first time and started getting