How to use Youtube for your business?

Many people use YouTube for their entertainment purpose but many businesses don’t know how to use  YouTube for their business. And believe me there are so many benefits of YouTube for all businesses that offer any type of products or services:

You can:

1)Upload presentations and slides from presentations to give the information to those who were not able to attend
2)Use by directing clients to video clips that show the tips on how to use your products and/or services. Instead of explaining how a product or service works, simply direct them to your YouTube video for the ultimate in practicality and convenience
3)Receive input from the YouTube community regarding your topics or videos related to your business
4)Use by transforming your podcast into a YouTube video, thereby reaching even more customers
5)Upload and enhance presentations or videos by using YouTube’s special features
6)Upload customer testimonials to share with other potential customers
7)Record and upload a meeting that can be viewed by other investors and employes in many locations, at their own leisure
8)Make and upload a unique video that showcases your products or services that you provide
9)Use YouTube for business by making and uploading “how to” videos that will help your customers better use your products or services
10)Upload a personal message to give your business credibility with customers
11)Use by recording and uploading a job that your business has been working on. You can post various  videos as the work progresses so customers can see how the process work
12)Show your products and services to potential customers so that they can see how they work and function before they purchase them

I hope you will follow these ways which I am following and getting a lot of benefits from it.