How to install Google Analytics Code in Word Press Website?

This article helps you to add Google Analytics Code in your wordpress. We have mentioned the method in steps:

  1. First of all you would have to create an account in Google Analytics.
  2. After creating an account in google analytics click on +Add new profile button. Enter your URL in the text box and click on the Finish button. You will see the code in the text field. Just above the code, you will see the Web Property ID. This ID is unique for every profile. Copy that ID and leave the window and open your WordPress site in new tab.
  3. Download Ultimate Google Analytics plugin and unzip it in the plugin folder of your wordpress.
  4. Go to the admin section of your wordpress and click on plugin button. You will see the list of plugins where you will find the Ultimate Google Analytics Plugin. Activate that plugin.
  5. After activation of the plugin click on settings button. You will see the Ultimate GA link. Click on link and paste your Web Property ID in Account ID textfield. Click on the Update options button. Now you can see the Google Analytics Code at the bottom of html code of your wordpress.
  6. Now open the window where you have opened your Google Analytics account.
  7. Click on the finish button, you will go automatically on your home page and you can see your URL in the home page.

Now, your Google Analytics Code has been added on your blog and you will see the report of your website after 24 Hour.