How to do Effective Article Submission and Build Backlinks?

To build backlinks, the traditional way  is to submit articles to on-topic article directories or general-topic or article aggregators. But, that is not an effective way to work, submitting your article to ten different article directories is time consuming if you do it manually and yields little advantages as compared to other link building methods.

According to Brad Callen, the SEO professional, you have to follow a three-step approach. If you have 3 to 5 articles written and all are ready for distribution, then just follow this techinique and build backlinks

Step 1: Submit a new and original article to 2 to 3 article directories (change only the main keyword to specific phrases like changing ‘automobile parts’ to ‘automobile interior parts’ and fixing the article where necessary to make ‘sense’.

Step 2: Find topical article directories in Google and repeat Step 1 there, but with a second, different article.

Step 3: Contact potential link partners and ask them if they allow you to add content to their website in the form of an article.

As mentioned above, article submitting manually is time consuming and not very effective because of that.
Therefore, Brad Callen has created an article software program “Article Submitter” that will automate the tedious task of submitting your articles to famous article directories. You can download your article submission software at Top SEO Software.