How to change a visitor into regular reader of your blog?

Blogging is not about only write, post and promote. It is all about to make your blog a place where people like to come back again and again and to generate more and more traffic on your blog. So, today I am suggesting you important points which you need to consider if you are having a blog.

1.    Write Inspiring and Killer headlines

The word ‘Killer’ itself can attract anyone. If you use a killer headline then you will get the more and more chance of getting noticed by readers. So, write an attractive headline of 10 to12 words for your article and also tells about your post.

2.    Write informative and interesting articles

Nobody will stay in your blog for longer time if there are no interesting and interesting articles to read. As the good content is the king. Engaging a reader by motivates him or inspiring him to do something great with your articles can also be done. Just share your own experiences if you really want to attract readers to your blog.

3.    Showcase the best you got

Always showcase your best and popular articles on your blog so that your visitor can also check other articles also as it is easy to bring someone to your blog but it is also necessary to not let him get away.

4.    Shows your readers

You must show off your readers on your blog that will give you more creditability. You can use a ‘Total visitors’ widget to show your recent readers that he is not alone in this site and other people also read it.

5.    Offer RSS feeds and more ways

Try to offer RSS feed of your blog and place the RSS feed icon on the top of your blog. To get updates via email, add an option. You can also use other options of feed for readers.

6.    Make it easy to connect with you

Show off your social profiles and your social buttons on your blog which will attract your readers to connect with you as if your readers communicate with you then they will come back to your site regularly and you can make a long term readership with them.

7.    Comments and reply

Comments can boost up when you will reply to your readers. So, make it easy to leave a comment and also ask your readers to leave a reply. If a reader leaves a comment, thank him for the comment and build up discussions.

So, if you like my suggestions then please reply me and if you want to discuss or ask anything then please ask me. I am here to help you.

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