How one can Convert Visitors into Customers?

I am having a small Designers clothes company which is not an ISO certified. When I established my company, no body knew about it. I created a beautiful website for my company but I could not convert my visitors into my customers and because of that I was unable to do more business. The conversion rate was too low. But after a year, I realized something and implemented some great Ideas, as a result of which I am getting numerous customers from my website only. So, I just want to share those great ideas or tips with you that how can you covert your visitors into customers.

Website Design – Your website should be visually attractive and easy to navigate. Content should be catchy and informative

Toll Free Number – Display Toll Free number and Email address in the top corner to your website that helps visitors to contact easily

Products Details – Display products images with the proper product price details in the right navigation with “Add To Cart” option so that user can know about the products description clearly

Product Landing Pages –
If your site has many products, categorize them with the separate pages/links so that visitors can easily navigate through and buy the product according to their need

Shopping Cart – If you are having a E-commerce website then shopping process should be at the top of the page. It should be good like a search box so that people can search and analyze about a product before purchase

Call To Action – Make your site “Call To Action” words has to be attractive like “Shop Easy”, this kind of words will make your customers to easily follow through the shopping process

Product Offers – If your site offers something like free shipping or warranty then you must have a banner in the top of the site which gives more visibility to the customers at fold itself

Free Trial Offers – If your site has any software packages, provide a free trial version with the limitation so that visitors have chance to buy the product after using the free trial at free of cost. These type of offers would be get more customers to your website

Website Awards/Reviews –
If your website has any reviews or awards, display them in the website  as these type of awards/reviews make your website trustful

Demo Videos –
Display the demo videos about your product/package into the site. So that visitors can watch that and have a pretty fair idea on the features of the product / software you offer.

Try to implement these tips to your website. I wish these will help you to convert your visitors into customers for your website.