How Lookchup Found a Cost-Effective Solution to its Server Issues


Lookchup, an Indore based social media platform, came to market as an alternative to Facebook. The app downloads and the traffic escalated in no time, as people from different parts of the world started enjoying this ‘democratic’ platform where everybody had the right to voice their opinions. A few weeks ago, Lookchup collaborated with i2k2 Networks to solve their biggest issue which had led to a number of negative reviews. The issue was low server speed caused due to the highly unpredictable data workload they received. Here is a look at the challenges faced in the project and the solutions implemented by i2k2 Networks to ensure smooth data flow.


Lookchup processes more than 4 million posts on a monthly basis with several large clients and strict service-level agreements. To serve such huge traffic with accuracy, they needed an infrastructure that is reliable and available all around the day. Accuracy wasn’t a major issue with Lookchup but server speed, responsiveness and scalability meant a business loss in their case. This loss was bad their brand image. With these challenges in mind, we worked out a cost-effective infrastructural description that was beneficial both for Lookchup and their clients.

How These Challenges Were Resolved

Most problems have their solution hidden within the problem itself. We approached this the same way and began by understanding Lookchup requirements at the first place. Once all the problems were addressed, it was time to design a robust infrastructure for Lookchup. Amazon Web Services was the obvious choice for both Lookchup and us. Setting up the IT infrastructure on AWS to support all commercial client services via cloud was undertaken. This ensured that Lookchup doesn’t have to pay for times when their traffic is low offering them flexibility and reliance. Now, Lookchup uses,

  • AWS Route 53 for scalable and highly available Domain Name System (DNS) service.
  • Amazon EC2 to access the cloud infrastructure and perform administrative duties as per the operational needs.
  • Amazon S3 to store and retrieve the monitoring logs of the cloud infrastructure.
  • AWS Cloudfront Content delivery networks provide a globally-distributed network of proxy servers which cache content, such as web videos or other bulky media, more locally to consumers, thus improving access speed for downloading the content.
  • AWS RDS Service to support an array of database engines to store and organize data and help with database management tasks, such as migration, backup, recovery and patching.
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancing to automatically distribute incoming application traffic and scales.

After employing these, Lookchup’s ability to scale and handle traffic rose up by almost 10 times. Even better, the auto scaling feature adjusts the resources as per the traffic, so you don’t have to pay unnecessarily without traffic. Onboarding new customers has become faster as each request can now be processed without hassles. Another benefit acquired is the ability to conduct fast updates without disruption ensuring unhindered user experience.

Are You Facing Similar Issues?

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