How do you measure SEO Success?

If you have just completed all the steps of SEO campaign and want to measure your SEO campaign. Then I have some main points to measure SEO success and these are:

Traffic: It is one way to check on the success of your endeavors. You should check how much traffic you have gained, check the quality of the visitors and check do they just enter and leave? Do they explore your site? Because knowing the quality of the visitors can give you an idea that how others see your website.

Keywords: keywords are not numbers. You should take care on your keywords performance. You should take note of the keywords that are directing traffic in your website. Just check that are these the keywords you intended to use? Are other keywords scoring more? On the basis of result, you can adjust your future keyword choices as you see fit.

Conversion Rate: This is the best test of an SEO campaign’s success. You should check how many people satisfied with your offer or signed up for your newsletter, the results from this gives you the concrete proof that SEO is working for you.

I hope you will get success in your SEO campaign.