How can you analyze your website ?

In the website design process, analyzing a website is the first step which is the most important step. You can spend a good amount of money to hire someone to analyze your website for your benefits, but you really going to trust him. Are you going to act on their recommendations? You can not sell anything to a person which he really do not want – it may sound obvious but it is true that sales person do it everyday.

If you do not think you need a new site then you are not going to spend the money to have one built. Thus, the best way to tell if you need one is to analyze the one you already have, yourself.
Below is a set good questions about the website you’re going to create whi

ch you can ask yourself. It provides you with a plan to follow when you are designing your site. If you answer them honestly, you will know whether you need a new site or not.

1)Does your website have a purpose?
2)What type of website do you need?
3)Do you list appropriate contact information on your website?
4)Is content king on your website?
5)Is your website focused?
6)Who is your target audience?
7)How functional is your website?
8)How can you communicate effectively?
9)Does your website honestly reflect your business personality?
10)Does your website’s construction balance competing concerns?
11)Is your web-presentation integrated into your overall marketing plan?
12)Is your website an experience?
13)Does your website have a distinctive look?
If you honestly answer the above questions you will have developed the framework of your new website and started in Web World to internet success.