How can we prevent ourselves from Electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation is a self-propagating wave of energy, produced by many contemporary electronic devices and this is a form of energy to possess beneficial and harmful health effects. Some people claim that exposure to so much electromagnetic radiation has cause them to heal injuries and wounds and to become sick.  But we can prevent ourselves from electromagnetic radiation by taking some precautions.

Some precautions are there that can reduce electromagnetic radiation’s effects on Health:

1.    Avoid living near a radio/TV transmitters or mobile phone masts.
2.    Avoid using wireless security systems or wireless baby monitors, where possible hard wire them in.
3.    Avoid using especially DECT phones, cordless phones as these transmit radiation when not in use.
4.    Do not use wireless routers, use CAT5 cable.
5.    Do not use the Microwave, it does not good for your food and will flood adjacent rooms with radiation.
6.    Use a cordless phone or mobile phone for emergency calls; use a corded phone for all regular conversations. Do not use a mobile phone in pregnancy and do not allow a child under 16 to use a mobile phone at all.
7.    Use your mobile phone on hands free but without a Bluetooth headset. Do not use a mobile phone in your car without an external antenna because the radio waves will be reflected back from the metal chassis at you.
8.    Avoid keeping your mobile phone in the same pocket every time; keep it away from the body on a desk or in a bag. OR rotate it around the body.
9.    Reduce the number of electronic devices around your bed like alarm clocks, lights, telephones, electric blankets and extension cords. Battery operated devices like an alarm clock are good replacements.
10.    Do not living under or near high voltage power lines. The same goes for electric transformers and sub-stations.
11.    Don’t sleep near your distribution box or fuse box.
12.    Avoid all unnecessary exposure to CT scans and x-rays.
13.    Electronic devices should be grounded.
14.    Drive those cars that have low electro magnetic fields.
15.    Do not uses a dimmer switch in the house as it emit high magnetic fields and cause dirty electricity.

I hope you would definitely take these precautions to live healthy and to provide safety to your family or friends.