If you spend any amount of time doing research on running an On-line business, you will run under the term SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. It is one of the simple, easy, interesting process, most cost-effective and easy to implement Internet Marketing strategy which gets you more traffic and in more revenues.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technical part of Web Marketing.

It requires basic knowledge of HTML as known as hyper text mark-up language. SEO is also called as SEO Copywriting because the techniques used to promote the sites deals with the text. SEO is defined as an activity to optimize the web pages.

If you want to set a goal in mind i.e to get into top 30 results in Google for a particular Keyword, you will feel happy and most satisfied with the results. So, the

basic objective of  SEO to get the TOP  PLACEMENT in Search Engine because if your site does not come under the top 30 results in Search Engine, it means you are invisible to the world and you will loose your business to your competitor. Search Engine Optimization is the process which requires patience, proper planning and appropriate time.

Now, let’s know how SEO works. SEO performs various activities like Crawling, Indexing, Processing, Calculating relevancy and Retrieving. First it CRAWLS a web to see what a site is about by using e piece of software i.e Crawler or Spider. Spider follows the links from one page to another and index everything whatever they finds on their way. After Crawled the page, next step is to INDEX the content. In this process, identify the words or expressions which best describe a page and submit that page to web site. PROCESSING is done by comparing the search string in search engine with indexed page. As there are number of pages that contain the search string so it starts CALCULATING THE RELEVANCY of each page in index. And the last step is to RETRIVE the result which is based on sorting of most relevant web pages to the least relevant web pages.

Now, let’s see how you can start with SEO process. There are four steps include (1) Create traffic targeted content – In this process, identify the keywords which your customer can use for searching in search engine. For ex- suppose  you are a hair-salon and you are having your own web site so first identify the keywords like hair style , hair color, hair cut etc. After identifying and gathering a set of keyword, categorize them in various themes and then consider each theme. For ex- ‘hair style’ is a theme for which the keywords are long cut, short cut, layered cut etc. If you are able to find the best relevant keyword for the search engine or a keyword for which the number of listing is less and number of searching is more rather than number of listing is more and number of searching is less, will definitely give you a better chance of ranking.

HTML tags like Description tag and Title tag also helps in ranking the sites in SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

(2) Make your pages ready.

(3) Submit your site to Search Engine.

(4) Track your performance.


(1) To get the highest rank over millions of websites

(2) It is important so that visitors can visit the site, to engage the visitors with the site because if visitors stay longer surfing the site it means they will definitely become clients/customers.

(3) To sell the products which will help in growing the Business.

So, I wish you have realized now that how easy and important the process SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION for your excellence business.