How Amazon SES and Ecommerce server helped a Leading Digital Agency


A Digital Marketing agency facing challenge to run their e-marketing activities. They wants to reduce the cost of e-Marketing but using market ready platform for email marketing is very costly. I2k2 recommend AWS for all the e-Marketing activities to reduce cost and improve quality. They also have an Ecommerce Server and they want to upscale it in some months of year, when they run campaign and need to handle hug traffic on it but rest of the time they don’t want to pay for higher configuration of the server. I2k2 proposed AWS for hosting their ecommerce server and suggest to use elasticache to increase responses on that.

AWS SES is simple email service based on SMTP and very efficient than present competitors in market. I2k2 recommend the SES with and it is very cost effective combination which is very easy to use. Customer has grab the huge market attention because after using AWS they dramatically increase sending emails with their newsletters and other marketing content.

Client’s Feedback:

I2k2 host their ecommerce server to AWS, they got very quick responses over requests. Previously they are very much worried about hardware and internet while their campaign starts but after migrating to AWS they just focusing on the content and campaign material on ecommerce server. After the campaign completed they downscale the server and save cost too. Elasticache speedup their Ecommerce server dramatically and they feel it very easy to upscale downscale and stop as per need in terms of saving cost.


Reducing Cost of e-Marketing

  • For sending emails we use Amazon SESwith 8X cheaper than similar solutions in the market
  • Amazon SES + charged USD 25 for sending 250000 emails where SendGrid charging USD 199 for the same

Hosting Ecommerce on reduced cost

  • They used to pause the Ecommerce instance when not used and it is reducing cost
  • AWS Autoscalling, reliability and high performing resources makes the response of ERP very fast
  • Elasticache of AWS provide extra speed to Ecommerce and pay as use model gives cost optimization too
  • Taking managed support from i2k2, client have supporting partner on which they can change the resources at any time as per their need. 24X7 email, chat and phone based support makes it easy to take decision and modify AWS infra as per need