How Amazon CloudFront WAF helped a Leading Media Agency.


One of our client who are a Media Entertainment agency used to run video content through live streaming. They are feeling difficulty stream live video and broadcast it to support millions of requests. They are not an issue with cost if they have some easy mechanism to stream live videos and broadcasting. Not only the live videos they also have some pre-recorded video content and lots of other content in their storage server and the security of that content is also a headache for them. It is very important and unique content. Customer want to protection from malicious activities and DDODS attacks.

I2k2 suggest the AWS CloudFront with WAF. As WAF is capable enough to avoid almost all kind of malicious activities. CloudFront facilitate them while streaming video content and broadcasting. CloudFront is very easy to use and a feature rich service of AWS.

When you create a web ACL, you can specify one or more CloudFront distributions that you want AWS WAF to inspect. AWS WAF starts to allow, block, or count web requests for those distributions based on the conditions that you identify in the web ACL. CloudFront provides some features that enhance the AWS WAF functionality.

When you use AWS WAF with CloudFront, you can protect your applications running on any HTTP webserver, whether it’s a webserver that’s running in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) or a webserver that you manage privately. You can also configure CloudFront to require HTTPS between CloudFront and your own webserver, as well as between viewers and CloudFront.

Client’s Feedback:

After using CloudFront with WAF, client practically feel that how easy to stream the video content nowadays with secure environment. The global edge network of the CloudFront make sure to deliver content globally at any location very fast. The real-time video streaming is now easy playing game for the customer. 24X7X365 support of i2k2 ensure the client that there is no managed support and consultancy also available in and they can reach by using their phone, mail or chat.



  • Very easy to deploy live streaming
  • Global Edge Network
  • Regional Edge Caches
  • Protection against network & application layer attacks
  • Real-time Metrics and Logging
  • DevOps friendly
  • DDOS Protection on edge locations

Deploying WAF for increase security

  • Multi-Cloud holistic security framework
  • PCIDDS Compliances
  • Centralize management
  • Application vulnerability protection
  • Web traffic filtering
  • Full feature API
  • Real-time visibility
  • Integration with AWS firewall manager