How a good organization use social media?

Good organizations make an effective use  of social media for marketing. They recognize and embrace that the emerging platforms are extra resources to complement and to expand their whole marketing arsenals rather than replacements for already existing marketing initiatives.
Social media can be used for the goals like:

  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Customer service like direct response to customer complaints
  • Broadcasting updates, announcements, news like additional PR resource
  • Behind the scenes look at the organization

Good organizations define their goals for social media to be successful. Goals that may vary among platforms. Example, they may use Facebook for customer service and broadcasting updates, announcements etc. whereas Twitter may use for promotions.

They may use YouTube to give behind the scenes look at the organization. The success factor is depend upon the goals of an organization: as a result of a promotion, some number of new customers may be one goal; another may be responding to all customer complaints within a specified time in a customer service situation.

So, in this way, an organization may get benefits from social media.