Hosting Products

Following are the hosting products
Dedicated Private & Virtual Racks

A dedicated private rack from i2k2 offers you the perfect combination of efficiency and availability so you get exactly the amount of power, bandwidth and capacity that you need, when you need it. With a private rack solution from i2k2 you eliminate all the typical headaches associated with expanding your IT infrastructure as you grow your business.

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Backup Solutions

Loss of data could cripple your business. Server backup solutions are necessary to ensure that your critical information is protected and recoverable. Managing backups, however, can be a time consuming process. The DiskSync service from i2k2 can quickly and conveniently automate backup tasks conducted over IP to a secure EMC storage solution —offering you a reliable and affordable backup for your servers.

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Have you outgrown the local disks in your servers? Does your business critical data need serious fault tolerance without compromising performance with a clear path to add capacity seamlessly as your data needs grow? i2k2 Dedicated SAN solution, utilizing a dedicated NetApp FAS 3020 disk array, combines extraordinary performance with high availability to create the ideal home for your large volume business critical online data storage needs such as transactional data-bases, media libraries, email information stores, backup archives and more.

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The risk of business disruption from security breaches is a fact of life that any internet business must plan for. i2k2 provides you with the enterprise class tools you need to mitigate this risk with a full portfolio of industry leading firewalls from Check Point and Cisco as well as advanced anti-virus protection from F-Secure. Protect your web based assets and keep your business up and running with i2k2’s Security Hosting Accessories.

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Domain Services

Gain security, flexibility and peace of mind when managing your domains and conducting commerce over the Web with i2k2 domain services. i2k2 makes domain name purchase, management and transfer as simple as possible through our customer portal.

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Load Balancing

Load Balancers enable a group of servers to intelligently service requests made to a single domain name. This high performance architecture allows for significantly greater performance than can be achieved by a single server. Plus, if any of the services on a single server fail, requests will automatically be routed to the remaining servers. As a result, downtime related to server failures or administrative maintenance can be significantly reduced or eliminated.

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Unmetered Bandwidth

i2k2 now offers unmetered bandwidth through Cogent as a convenient, affordable way to eliminate bandwidth limits and avoid overage charges. Unmetered bandwidth by Cogent is offered for three server product lines with the option of selecting from four bandwidth speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

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