Google’s new feature: Advanced Table Filters

Another new feature of Google, Advanced Table Filters or Advanced Filters is announced. This feature is written by a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant, the excellent team at Luna Metrics.

Advanced Filters
Advanced Filters is the most useful new feature of the bundle of new features for the daily user, in terms of streamlining your process once you access a report and are actively doing analysis. At the bottom of the table, they are found in any report. I have been clamoring for it for years as a regular user and this has made my process very simpler. It is equal to the replacing a screwdriver with a power drill.

Now, you do not need to export your data to slice and dice it to see your subsets. While looking at a certain report, you can set a filter to get the information you want, without having to create or exit a filter or advanced segment. You can whittle down a massive data table within seconds to look at a subset which is important to you.

The two interesting uses of the new Advanced Table Filtering are:

1) Are you looking for specific non-branded keywords?

Sometimes, this feature helps to see keywords that have a certain phrase or word, but not include the brand name. Let’s take a company for example-Tommy clothes. If you want to see all the keywords that have the word clothes but not include the brand name Tommy, you can easily use the advanced filters for this.

You do not need to use this regular expression in the filter:

Filter Keyword: containing ^ (?=.* clothes)(?!.*(Tommy)).*

Because now! It is so easy with the advanced filters. Just filter for Keyword containing clothes and excluding Tommy.

2) Landing Pages, Sorted by Bounce Rate

How will you react if you are looking at your Top Landing Pages report and you sort by bounce rate, only to have a number of pages with 1 entrance clogging the top of the report? You can filter out those pages with a low number of entrances and with advanced filters to get the best look at which with significant traffic, landing pages have a high bounce rate. You just have to do is filter by Entrances greater than 50.

I hope this new feature of Google, Advanced Table Filters makes you feel much more command over your data.