Google – The Top Search Engine is the Power of new era!

It is well known to every body that Google has revolutionized our internet world, as through it, we can find anything in the whole  World Wide Web. Google enables us to use the internet for research, knowledge and for more purposes which nobody can deny its usage and power.

Everything related to this world is available on World Wide Web and Google serves as a search platform to provide us what is needed.

Google is at the top of all search engines on the web and is owned by Google Inc. Google receives millions queries each day through its variant services. The Google’s main aim is to search for text.

Other special features of Google are –

Through the feature of stock quotes,  the market data of a particular company can be viewed

It enables the visitor to know about humidity, temperature and other related condition of a city

Current time of the cities worldwide can be viewed with the help of google

The schedules and scores for sports teams can be obtained through this search engine

Unit conversion, calculator, currency conversion, dictionary lookup, maps, earthquake data, movie showtimes, airports, home listings are some of the important features of Google search engine. Package tracking, patents and area codes are some of the other specialties of Google.

On the basis of my own experience, I can say that Google can give you everything if you use it properly and correctly. Put the right keywords to search and you get whatever you urge.

I hope you also have an experience how it affects us in our daily life.