Google sidewiki: New for Toolbar!

Google launched Google Sidewiki, a new feature of the Google Browser Toolbar in which you can enter comments about any web page in a collapsing side window and it shows some of the best comments in a sidebar. This feature is integrated with Google Profiles so you can search more information about the author and also you can read other Sidewiki comments.

Comments left by other users can be read by anyone but only those users who are logged into a Google Account can leave comments. If there are comments about the current page, Google can identify you so you have to send your browsing history to use the feature.

What Google Sidewiki do? It also

•    It also add helpful information beside any webpage and
•    Read insights from other users

How you can install Google Toolbar with Sidewiki in your browser?

•    Click on the Sidewiki button on any web page
•    Add helpful information about the entire page or any part of the page
•    Publish to the browser sidebar for others to read

It is very interesting to see how Sidewiki deals with abuse and spam. If you are going to operate a website, it is a great idea to install Google Toolbar to check what people are commenting for your site, even still if it is only visible to Google Sidewiki users. This toolbar is available for IE and Firefox but not for Safari.

The Google Sidewiki team has released a video that is showcasing the functionality of it.

I hope you would like this idea.