Google Rocks among Search Engines

In the competitive world of today a website can be popular only if a large number of people visits the website and if it attains a higher ranking in the search engine result page. To make a website popular, you need to be high up on Google for some popular and important keywords. Getting a high rank in the search engine is a dream in internet marketing and to achieve the dream this is not an easy task. In fact many beginners are still unaware of the idea how to begin.

Google continues to gobble market share from other search competitors and it has been found that more than half of global Internet users continue to rely on the dominant engine.

Google Image Search, which was launched in July 2001 with a catalog of 250 million pictures, 880 million images and visitors growth is running parallel.

Women found paid ads to be more relevant than the men did when searching across Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN. College graduates and Internet veterans found organic results to be more relevant than their Internet novice counterparts and non-graduate.

Search engine market share in 2009:  We can predict that how Google is winning over other top 5 search engines by their market shares.

Google   64.2%

Yahoo    20.4%

MSN      8.2%

Ask         3.8%

AOL       3.4%

It has been found that Google is at the top for search in 2009.

Number of messages posted on Twitter which is a popular information-sharing forum had indicated that people all over the world had trouble with the Google search engine and e-mail. But other Twitter users said that Google services have been running smoothly.

Because Google is used by millions of people, even a small breakdown affecting a percentage of its audience can have a huge impact. Google’s search engine is most popular on the Internet where more than 9 billion monthly search requests in the United States alone.

It has invested billions of dollars to create a vast network of computers to lessen the chances of breakdowns. Although it’s search engine is known for its reliability.

Shows new search tools for computer and phone

Google allow people to better coordinate Internet searches on their computers and cell phones.

It also searches news sites and blogs, as well as the general information available online, to provide a fresh picture of certain subjects. Search feature on micro blogging site Twitter that allow users to search up-to-the-minute developments about certain topics online.

A new feature under development will allow a search performed on a desktop PC to automatically show up when the user logs on to Google from a Web-enabled cell phone. A tool called Google Squared will automatically troll for information on the Internet to create spreadsheets for the topics a person searches.

So, it is not wrong that Google Gains Overall, it found its niche in the competitive world.