Google Releases New Translator Gadget for Websites

Google has announced a new website Translator gadget which is called as new “automatic translation” that enables you to make your site’s content available in 51 languages. Now, if user visits your page and if their language i.e. determined by their browser settings, is different from the language of your page then the gadget will automatically detect a visitor’s preferred language and they will be automatically translate the page into their own language. And if the people’s language is the same as the language of your page then no translation banner will appear.

The automatic translations are display directly on your page after clicking the Translate button. It is easy to install as you just cut and paste a short snippet into your webpage to increase the global reach of your website or blog.

It is necessary to note that Google is not promising perfect translations.  If the subject of a site is very highly technical then this translation gadget might not do anyone except the most rabid disciples much good.

It is not easy to imagine a simpler option from the point of view of a user.  Google is not making things so hard on sites’ owners.  They only require to copy and paste a snippet of code which is about 300 characters in length into your website or blog.

For people, automatic translation is convenient and helps them to get a quick gist of the page. But, for the art of professional translation, it is not a perfect substitute. Today, I would like to celebrate the contributions of translators all over the world. These translators play a significant role in enabling global communication and the need for them is greater with the rapid growth and ease of access to digital content.

I hope that professional translators with translation tools like Google Translator Toolkit as well as this Translate gadget will continue to help make the content of world more accessible to all.