Get various benefits from Cloud Hosting Concept

Cloud hosting is making its way to businesses both large and small. This cloud acts as an outsourcing agent for storage and server needs.

Benefits of Cloud hosting:

  • Easy Implementation: A company can get its cloud-computing arrangement without the need to purchase software licenses, hardware or implementation services and for a fraction of the cost of an on-premise solution.
  • Immediate Scalability: A company can add and subtract capacity as its network load dictates. Services are added in real time to accommodate unexpected or temporary changes in demand, providing exactly the level of IT power and capacity when needed. So, companies can add or subtract storage based on their own needs.
  • Ease of Control and Use: Full control with API and Soft Layer’s Customer Portal provides simplified management as well as direct access to all Soft Layer services and tools.
  • Skilled Practitioners: Vendors have been reputable enough to offer reliable service to customers and to deliver huge data centers with maximum amounts of storage and computing capacity. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and IBM Inc. and Inc. are industry that includes these vendors.
  • Quality of Service: In the case of cloud computing, it’s all up to a company’s selected vendor to offer 24×7 customer supports and an immediate response to emergency situations.
  • Pay as you Go or Monthly Packages: You can pay on monthly bases or monthly plans with no long-term commitment, let customers to optimize their return on technology investment by paying only for the resources they need and they use.
  • Frees Up Internal Resources: Relieves burden on IT Professionals and frees up their time in the office. The In-house IT departments can focus on business tasks without having additional costs in manpower and training.

Now, many cloud computing vendors offer you greater data confidentiality and security than companies that choose to store their data in house.