How Does G Suite Business Email Protects Your Enterprise?

How G Suite Protects Enterprises

Security is the foremost concern of any organization’s data, especially while migrating from enterprise to the cloud. Nowadays, G Suite is one of the most popular platforms among organizations that plan to move their data to the public cloud. The reason behind this is the built-in security mechanisms of G Suite Email that are readily available for organizations that wish to migrate to G suite and also for those who already are available there. Sometimes it is challenging to implement the native tools by the organizations who want to secure G Suite resources in their enterprise.

Business Email Security Concerns

Since Google’s G suite is a typical example of the public cloud environment, they are managed and controlled in a much different way as compared to on-premise resources. They throw a major security challenge to organizations who adopt them. All the processes and tools employed to implement security initiatives in traditional platforms are not at all practiced in a public cloud environment. Some of the major security concerns resolved by G Suite include:

  • Data Loss
  • Data Leak
  • Ransomware
  • Insider Threats

How G Suite Helps?

Let us understand these Email Security concerns and get an idea on how does G Suite helps to avoid and make them right for an effective use –

G Suite data security

Data Loss

Protecting the business-critical data is of topmost priority for any business enterprise. The system downtime, even for a fraction of a second, can lead to tremendous loss of revenues and can affect the market reputation of the organization. Sometimes these effects strike so hard that it takes a long time for the business to be up again and function normally. This outlines the importance of protecting enterprise data against loss. Of all the backup methodologies, cloud data backup is an important part of any business-critical resource. However, sometimes organizations overlook the backup process of a Public Cloud, thinking since they are running their enterprise on top of some popular vendor’s enterprise, they will not experience any data loss ever. This is the biggest misconception as even though public cloud infrastructures are resilient, they still incur data loss. So to avoid data loss, G suite comes with:

  • Automated G Suite backups as well as adhoc backups that are to be regulated on a regular basis
  • A powerful version control including multiple restore points
  • Lost and found system to protect accidental data loss
  • Capable to restore or migrate G Suite data to both the sources
  • Machine learning ability to protect and automate remediation against file damage caused by malware attacks
  • Easy backup and restoration of data in a minimum time frame

Data Leak

Customer data is very sensitive for businesses who keep a record of them. Usually, the e-commerce hosting site retains a lot of private information from credit card details to account details in their database. Data leak from these accounts will not only harm the enterprise business and reputation, also cost a lot to the victim customer. G Suite comes with new regulatory compliances such as GDPR privacy by design that is implemented to protect everyone from this chaos. As, it is very challenging to monitor the sensitive data leaving the G Suite public cloud environment, therefore Google has come up with an extremely robust functionality that allows the organizations to maintain control over the active data leaving from and coming to the cloud platform. Machine learning and AI plays an important role in preventing the data from unauthorized access as well.


Ransomware is a dangerous virus designed to encrypt all the important files of any organization and holds their data for ransom. Since these ransoms typically range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, the frequency and severity of these attacks will continue to grow exponentially. Ransomware attacks can always be prevented on G suite clouds by taking regular backup and proactively restoring Ransomware corrupted files re-encryption and stop them from getting access over G suite cloud environment.

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Insider Threats

Apart from all the outside vulnerabilities, we must not forget the real threats that generated within the organization. It could be anyone from a trusted employee to an end-user. Sometimes employees can either accidentally or knowingly disrupt the data. G Suite takes care of insider threats by identifying and re-mediating the data been jeopardized with its machine learning abilities.

Along with the aforementioned concerns, there exists cyber-security risk associated with cloud hosting solutions that are completely taken care of by G Suite while migration.

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