The Futuristic Approach of Data Center Services in India

India is emerging as a new IT hub for a lot of companies that are either well-established on a global map or are trying to mark an imprint in the Indian marketplace. Apparently, these organizations require services to create, implement or maintain their data to enhance their functionalities. This purpose entails data center services that assist to aid various business needs for an enterprise. A budding nation like ours requires such facilities to uplift the socio-economical front. The rapid transformation in technologies is turning the traditional notion of the data center on its head. There are certain futuristic approaches of data center services that need to be implemented so as to keep moving the data and workloads fluidly across the infrastructure.

In this post, we have mentioned some of the factors that have helped to make this goal more attainable.

Automating Data Centers: A decade ago, virtualization has transformed the data centers by moving infrastructure management from hardware to software, eventually automating the task and saving time and money. Nowadays, even the server provisioning process to various remote locations can be handled seamlessly with just some software. Although Data center automation is a critical decision for enterprises, once the organizations automate their on-premise operations, their reach to the cloud becomes well-defined, estimated and straightforward.

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Container Deployment: The containers helps in eliminating the underlying infrastructure while application development and deployment in an effective manner. These virtual machines shift the workloads between various platforms that support containers. This possibility will make the containers live everywhere. One such rapid shift can be witnessed in the case of Kubernetes that removes the manual configuration process while deploying large containers. Kubernetes has helped organizations to scale up their deployments to N numbers of containers over a single server.

Multicloud Environments: Enterprises are expanding their data center services to multiple levels including their private clouds. This helps in shifting the workloads seamlessly over a network of cloud resources depending upon factors such as cost, performance, and availability. Data center providers are building tools to make multi-cloud environments that are very simple to manage and well-automated to migrate different workloads on public and private platforms.

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Serverless Computing: The serverless computing is a relatively new paradigm of cloud computing that combines the transactions from both the public and private sources making it transparent to the users. Data center service providers are capable to weave together various applications and interfaces that could possibly serve the private and public cloud users apparently.

The bottom-line: Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are further new technologies which will demand new data center facilities in the near future. If you also wish to avail such data center facilities for your enterprise, you can reach out i2k2 Networks, a dedicated web hosting company with comprehensive range of data center solutions and services in India to cater to the processing, networking, storage management and data distribution demands for your enterprise, be it small or large. Call us at +91-120-466 3031 | +91-971-177-4040 or drop a mail to to help us serve you better.