Top 3 Free Cloud Hosting Solutions for Startups

Around a decade ago, startups used to set aside a portion of their capital for setting up infrastructure. The practice changed with the spread of cloud technology, as it helps companies save on infrastructure costs and divert the capital into other business aspects, such as hosting. Cloud service providers such as Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft have specifically designed cloud programmes with free-of-cost services to help startups get started in the cloud. All service providers have partnered with global incubators and accelerators to support the startup ecosystem. If you are planning a new venture, it is advisable to contact a cloud hosting provider to take your business online. To help you decide which of the technology biggies is suitable for your business needs, this blog post discusses the top three free cloud hosting solutions for startups.

Cloud Hosting Solutions for Startups

Free cloud hosting solutions for startups

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1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon was first off the blocks to offer cloud service for startups. The technology giant is enjoying the advantage of starting early, as today, its cloud platform – Amazon Web Service – is one of the most preferred cloud platforms among free cloud hosting solutions for startups worldwide. Over the years, Amazon has improvised the platform to make it more attractive for start-ups. Its programme called AWS Activate offers a slew of benefits, such as promotional credits ranging between $1,000 and $15,000, technical training programmes, and free business level support.

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2. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft BizSpark is one of the most popular cloud programmes among technology startups. Companies registered with BizSpark enjoy access to Azure, Microsoft’s flagship Cloud platform, free software, services, and technical support. Microsoft offers up to $120,000 of free Azure cloud credits to eligible startups. Startups enjoy using Microsoft Azure as it allows them to deploy thousands of instances in minutes. Features such as health monitoring, load-balancing, auto-scaling, operating system, and application patching, put Azure among the best cloud platforms.

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3. IBM SoftLayer

IBM SoftLayer is another well-known cloud platform that attracts startups from across the globe. Its 14 data centers in Asia, Europe, and the US promote it is a viable choice for startups, with IBM SoftLayer giving startups an option to choose their deployment infrastructure. IBM SoftLayer works on triple network architecture model with a dedicated backend network to ensure smooth and fast processing. To lure startups, IBM SoftLayer offers a monthly credit of $1,000 and allows them to use SoftLayer’s infrastructure to host their applications.

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Wrapping Up

Cloud hosting is an ideal platform for startups and small businesses seeking to create an online presence and optimize business applications and processes. It offers better data management, security, and managed services that help in improving productivity, profitability, and growth. If you are searching for a managed cloud hosting solution to boost your business growth, i2k2 Networks can help. We are a Noida-based global data center, hosting, and technology services company. We are an accredited partner with AWS, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, which allows us to deliver reliable hosting solutions. To discuss your hosting requirements and learn about our cloud hosting packages, fill out our contact form or call +91-120-466-3031 or +91-971-177-4040.