Are you prepared for these Four Cloud Computing Trends of 2019?

Cloud Computing Trends 2019

Cloud computing is no longer a tool, it has evolved as a scalable service offering and a delivery platform in the computing services domain. Enterprises these days has shifted their focus towards discovering the right procedures to handle and manage the cloud computing technologies to accomplish their business goals. The overall foundation of cloud computing relies upon the virtualizations of hardware and software and its service-oriented architecture. Along with many value-added services, cloud computing has emerged from personal cloud storage to a secure and reliable data storage network for an entire organization regardless of its size. Let us take a look at these four trending cloud computing attributes of 2019.

Cloud Computing Trends of 2019 –

#1 Introduction of Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing in 2019

The pace at which the biggest cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud,  and Alibaba Cloud are competing with each other to offer bigger, better and brighter prospects of cloud services to IT markets, is very likely to give rise to Quantum Computing in near future. Quantum computing is one of the most talked and researched topic across the cloud giants, which is assumed to behold the capability of transforming mathematical, material science and computer science theories to reality.

Quantum computing is expected to deliver breakthroughs in many disciplines, including materials, and drug delivery, optimization of complex systems, and artificial intelligence through information processing and revolution cloud services and solutions. With the help of quantum computing through the cloud, we will soon be able to build better financial models and can have human-like interactions to solve complex issues.

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#2 The rise of Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud Solutions in 2019

Hybrid Cloud solutions are the most anticipated computing trends of 2019. Many organizations are shifting their cloud-computing approach from the traditional to hybrid-cloud approach just to reduce the risk of transition and lessen the overall costs. Due to the growing demand of scalable and cost-efficient computing, increasing need of interpretability standards between cloud solutions and current methodologies, the growth of Hybrid cloud solution is expected to take over the computing market in 2019.

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#3 Deal with Critical Security and Compliance Systems

GDPR in 2019

With the advent of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) lately this year, security will continue to exist as an issue with cloud technology. Many organizations will rush towards cloud computing without any serious consideration of its security implications. To ensure the data practices to fully comply with the GDPR requirements, companies might face a hard time in 2019.

Security and compliance to attain cloud security can be approached from various fronts. Enterprises can implement built-in controls such as identity access management, network security groups, and gateway network firewalls with contemporary computational models such as containers and serverless computing.

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#4 Evolution of Cloud Services and Solutions

Cloud Solutions in 2019

The year 2019 will be a promising one for computing technologies as the new cloud services and solutions will be evolved in both the public and private sectors. We will witness organizations taking up advantages from the simple and high-performance cloud platform models such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

Final Words

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