Find various manufacturing Centers of SPX in India

Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange (SPX) India was launched in June 2007 in the frame of the most innovative projects of UNIDO in India i.e “Consolidated Project for SME Development in India“, financed by the Italian Government and having as the local counterpart the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India.

SPX programs and centers are part of the “Investment & Technology Transfer Promotion” (ITP) Unit of UNIDO

SPX manufacturing Centers in India:

SPX India has started from the manufacturing sectors chosen by the Consolidated Project, in coordination with the DC–MSMEs, Govt. of India, for its integrated and comprehensive intervention:

SPX NCR: The SPX in the National Capital Region covers the auto component companies in New Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad districts. It has profiled over 250 members.

SPX Pune: The SPX Pune was created in partnership with the Manufacturing excellence division of CII-Confederation of Indian Industries and located within the CII premises. SPX Pune has profiled about 100 members, till May 2008.

SPX Chennai: The SPX Chennai was established with MSME DI and located within the MSME-DI premises, Chennai. This centre has profiled over 350 companies in leather, auto components and footwear companies in the region, by May 2008.

Focus manufacturing sectors of SPX India:

Leather: SPX focuses on the tannery companies in the Ranipet , Chennai and Ambur districts. Tamil Nadu contributes with 60% of the total leather production in India.

Auto components: SPX focuses on the auto component sectors in NCR, Pune and Chennai clusters, as they are amongst the main hubs of the automobile majors in India.

Footwear: SPX is focused on Chennai, Ranipet, Ambur footwear manufacturers which have been identified as a target for business opportunities with foreign partners. Tamil Nadu witnessed a dramatic evolution of the leather manufacturers from shoe component subcontractors to complete shoe exporters.

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